Traveling Vineyard: An Excellent Earning Opportunity For Stay At Home Parents

Nowadays stay at home mums and dads have numerous options for working from home. There are many options available ranging from email support, to writing, test scoring and translation. These stay at home jobs allow one to determine when and how one makes their money. A method of making money that people are not aware of is selling wine. There are some companies that provide people with the chance to sell wine from home and also gives the opportunity to carry out tastings in their free time. Traveling Vineyard is company that allows its Wine Guides to sell wine on own schedule. The company was founded in 2001 and it gives many people the chance to work from home and do an activity that many people enjoy.

Wine drinking is an increasingly popular activity in the US. The wine institute states that in 2015 the average American drunk 2.9 gallons of wine in a year. This is an increase from the average in 1995 which was 1.77 gallons per person. This means wine sellers won’t lack a market and the market itself is expanding yearly. Wine is a consumable product with many repeat buyers. With the right product lineup one can entice their customers to discover new wines and boost sales. The costs for beginners are low and Traveling Vineyard does pressurize its Wine Guides by imposing maximum or minimum sales quotas.

Getting started with Traveling Vineyard is easy. One first purchases a Success Kit that contains wine bottles and tasting glasses that are sufficient for two tasting events. One will also get materials and accessories that will help them get customers. Each bottle of wine is priced between $15 and $25 depending on the brand and age of the wine. Wine guides receive commissions and bonuses for every bottle that they sell. There are also reference opportunities for people who end up as Wine Guide via yourself. Traveling Vineyard also gives its Wine Guides a 20 percent discount for wines that they purchase for personal use. When one is starting out, they should print business cards and give them to potential customers. This will make it easy for interest customers to contact you. One should also leverage their social network to help them make sales.

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