Rocketship Education- Offering Hope for Communities

Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter school which is a non-profit making network with the mission of serving students from low-income homes who cannot access good schools. Rocketship was founded in 2007 by John Danner together with Preston Smith. Their approach was to engage parents, inspire communities, and empower teachers.

Rocketship became famous because of its unique approach to learning; mixing online learning and transitional teaching. Their online learning involves the use of adaptive software so as to increase the number of students who achieve in education. Currently, there are about 16 schools that are networking. These schools are located in Concord California, Nashville, Washington D.C, Milwaukee and San Jose.

Rocketship school is also known for its risky location which is across the street from Woodland Terrace; a dangerous neighborhood characterized by violence. According to Jacque Patterson, Rocketship’s director, the location of the school is intentional since it operates like a neighborhood school that offers priorities for people who live in the community.

To involve the neighborhood as a main participant of Rocketship, school officials have plans of visiting each student’s family and also come up with parents’ event. The school has a way of actively involving parents by letting them interview teachers before they are offered a job at the institution. The fate of teachers mainly depends on the parents’ recommendation. This is the school’s innovative approach to make parents get involved in the academic foundation.

The core values of Rocketship is another thing that makes them stand out. They believe in the community and try to be of positive impact to the neighborhood. Rocketship also believes in innovation by challenging themselves to take responsible risks. They believe in authenticity such that they deliver services that are transparent and serve the society passionately. They try to pursue excellency by continuous improvement of results.

The school supports the welfare of its staff. It offers generous family leave, good pay, vacation days and holidays, and allows the employees to have flexible work schedules. The teachers who have worked for the institution highly recommend it because of students’ discipline, awesome teacher-student relationship and the teachers get to enjoy yearly pay increase depending on their performance. Teachers, parents, and students all work together to fulfill the mission of Rocketship Education.