Paul Mampilly Helps Small Investors Earn The Mega Bucks On Wall St.

Paul Mampilly emerged as an investing genius in late 2008. While most of the venture capitalist firms were getting obliterated by the lingering financial turmoil, Paul’s company not only stayed afloat, but it also made gains of 76%. For that outstanding feat, the Wall St. investor won the prestigious Templeton Foundation award in 2009.

Profiting in Down Markets

According to Paul Mampilly, many regular investors don’t know how to time the markets and that’s why they often make huge losses. His accurate recommendations made his followers at Capuchin Consulting Inc. tons of cash.

Paul Mampilly has a unique approach with his Profits Unlimited investment newsletter. In the past, the hedge fund manager was directly involved in managing the portfolio of his clients. Today, he only provides the recommendations and the clients do the real trading. Reports show many clients making gains of up to 38% from Paul’s advice.

Bold and Calculated Risks

Paul Mampilly often shares video presentations which showcase his unique trading techniques, for instance, his famed ‘Looking over his shoulder’ method. The videos serve to motivate and educate the small investor to take bold, but calculated risks. The investor claims most of his success comes from the first-hand experience he got working on Wall St. He’s also an avid reader with a library having thousands of financial books.

Future Trends

Mampilly believes that the future of investing lies on targeting the millennials. The economy will experience a massive boom as this generation comes of age. Another trend which fascinates Paul is the concept of Internet of Things. In the next couple of years, most of the technological devices and gadgets will function as one system. The IoT will bring great tidings for both entrepreneurs and tech developers.

About Paul Mampilly

After a remarkably successful career spanning over 20 years, Paul Mampilly finally decided to call it quits. Previously, he’d served at Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International Group. He quit his amazing job to enlighten regular American investors on how to invest on Wall St. like pros.

Today, his weekly investment newsletters have a cult-like following of over 60,000 people. The periodicals get published by the independent publisher, Banyan Hill. Paul lives and works in North Carolina. The American investor makes guest appearances on leading business TV channels like on Bloomberg TV and on CNBC.