Greg Secker: Creating a Platform for Forex Trading

Greg Secker’s reputation as one of the leading forex trading specialists is founded on a successful career as a corporate leader in the financial services industry, years of experience as a forex trader and entrepreneur and solid academic background. He is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge on forex trading with aspiring forex traders, which saw him found several companies to actualize his dream. He is also a philanthropist and a public speaker. He made mark in forex trading from a young age in a career that saw him become one of the youngest corporate leaders of a Fortune 500 company in the United States when he was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation.

In a bid to pursue his passion of forex trading, Greg Secker retired at an early age of 27. What followed was a successful career as forex trader and entrepreneur. He is a suave trader who began making profits within the first three months of venturing into the sector. He draws inspiration from his family members and the thousands of people he interacts with. Family is especially important in Greg Secker’s success. He was inspired to found Learn to Trade by the constant inquisitive conversations he had with his family members. This drove him to found a company dedicated to educating people on forex trading.

Success Beyond Academic Qualification

Greg Secker’s excellent track record as forex trader, entrepreneur and a corporate leader in the financial services industry masks the fact that he has never taken any course in forex trading or any other related field. His fascination with technology started while studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. What began as a part time where he sold computers he had assembled and programmed led to his first job at Thomas Cook.

As the company’s technologist, he developed the award-winning Virtual Trading Desk, which revolutionized online forex trading. It is while working on the project that he developed a strong interest in forex trading and he never looked back since then. After retiring from Mellon, he founded several companies in addition to Learn to Trade, which operate under the Knowledge to Action Group umbrella.