Davos REG Launches an Innovative Mobile App

In a recent press release, David Osio, accompanied by Davos REG Executive Directors, Gerard Gonzales, and Pablo Bausili presented Davos Cap Calculator, an innovative mobile app to their distinguished clientele. With the new mobile app, real estate investors will be able to estimate the return on their investment.


Davos Real Estate Group is an affiliate of Davos Financial Group, a global-scale financial services firm and the leading provider of comprehensive financial advisory services in the Latin American market. The company focuses on formulating investment strategies tailored to the needs and expectations of each client. Davos Real Estate Group combines premium products and experience of a professional team within the regulatory framework to meet specific customer’s needs.


For the last six month, Gerard Gonzales has been working together with the company’s technicians to develop Davos Cap Calculator, which will be used in estimating the gain on a real estate investment after deducting the expenses. The new mobile app is built on the latest technology platform. Currently, it is available on iPhone and Android-powered devices. According to Gonzales, Davos Cap Calculator marks the beginning of a series of complementary apps lined up in the future. With the new app, real estate investors can determine the value of their property through a mobile device and forward the historical property report to Davos’ agents on an interactive chat.


According to David Osio, the launch of Davos Cap Calculator is in line with the company’s objective to develop mobile applications to offer financial guidance to its customers across the United States. This app is an innovative tool that envisions real estate investors financially. Through the new mobile app, investors can estimate the rental price on the property that best suits their expected revenue. Davos Cap Calculator comes along with a Mortgage Calculator used in assessing the value of mortgage based on the funding period and the associated interest rates.


About David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished financial services advisor. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Davos Financial Group, which is a group of sovereign and licensed companies specializing in the delivery of financial advisory and wealth management services. Just recently, Davos Financial Group was named as Venezuela’s first provider of comprehensive financial services.


David Osio earned a degree with honors in Law from University of Catolica Andres Bello in 1998. Besides his career as a financial advisor, David Osio engages in philanthropic activities by supporting charitable organizations such as the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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