David McDonald Incredible Leadership Role at OSI Group

Profiling of David McDonald’s education and Career

David McDonald is the chief executive officer and the president of the OSI Group company, which is a pacesetter of the food processing industry in Australia. He has served in that position for the last thirty years allowing the company to realize tremendous growth and expansion in the industry. David McDonald is also a part of the Board of Directors of the OSI Group Company. Further, he serves as the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He is also an independent executive of the Marfrig Global Foods S.A since 2008, December.

His ability to work in the food industry has been made possible by the fact that he pursued a food related degree course in the university. He is a graduate of Iowa State University where he excelled in a degree in Animal Science.

David McDonald’s Impact on Sustainability of OSI Group

Although OSI Group food processing company is global with offices and joints in Europe and the United States, it is also local in nature given that it should customize its services to serve local tastes and preferences. To attain this local taste, which is tied to the organization’s sustainability, David ensures that his team of staff has people from all over the world to keep the networks going. The management team in different regions consists of people who are locals since they will be sensitive and understanding of the local needs. In so doing, this multinational keep on growing and gaining more penetration to different global markets. Interestingly, OSI Foods remains the largest poultry producer in China.

Acquisition of Baho Food

The acquisition of Baho Foods in Europe which offers convenience foods in retail outlets is a significant strategic step according to OSI Group CEO, David McDonald. This strategic move will increase the presence of the OSI Group in Europe and provide a platform through which they can penetrate the market to increase the client base.
Notably, OSI Group plans to work hand in hand with the management team of the Baho Foods. The managing director of Baho Food was optimistic regarding this move.

About OSI Group: http://www.osigroup.com/news/