The Value American Institute Of Architects In Safeguarding The Interest Of Architects

American Institute of Architects is a group of architects in the United States, and its headquarters is in Washington DC. It was started in 1857. This group offers many services like education, community development, government advocacy and public outreach. It aims to improve the overall outlook of the architecture as a profession. The organization also works with many other members and groups mainly of the construction and design team to assist in the coordination in the building industry.

The organization has more than 90 000 members among them are associated professionals and licenced architects. All the members of the group adhere to the professional conduct and code of ethics guiding the organization and ensure that all the public, colleagues and clients receive the highest standard of the professional practices. There are five distinct levels of the membership in the American Institute of Architects. The first one is the architect members who are strictly licensed by the licensing authority of America to practice architecture. The second level is the associate members. This level members are not licensed, but they practice architecture under the supervision of the technical and professional capacity of the licensed members.

The third group are the international associate members. This level all the members are license or sometimes hold the equivalent license from the licensing authority outside America. The fourth level is the emirate members who have been members of the group for more than 15 years and should be 65 years old and above. The last group is the allied members who are just the individuals whose career and profession are related to architecture such as engineers, planes or landscape architects.

The group is governed by the Board of members and have staff who are more than 200 employees. The components of the group is spread throughout United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Europe and Japan. The group speak with one united voice to influence the practices by the government towards the quality of American life. They also monitor regulatory and legislative actions and also make use of the collective power of the membership in the participation of the decision-making by local policymakers and federal state.

The group attempts to meet all the interest and needs of the national architects and the larger public by raising the public awareness of the importance of quality design and the overall value of the architecture. The organization also recognizes its members for the significant achievements by awarding them honors and awards.

Lifeline Screening Prepare Yourself For Screening With These Tips

Many people do go about their lives without getting too concerned about their health. Even if they feel there are few things about their health that might need some medical advice, they tend to keep it for later. It is how the problem continues to develop into a much bigger one until the problem becomes irreversible. One should always be careful with their health and ensure that they go for regular health screening. It would help in finding out any health concerns that might be underlying for many days or months, and in some cases even years. It is always suggested that you keep in contact with your physician and inform them about any symptoms or health issues that you might be facing.

Going for health screening at regular intervals has many benefits, and one of the biggest benefits is that it would help in detecting the presence of any deadly disease. In many cases, it has been seen that the patient could have been saved if he or she would have consulted with the doctor earlier on. Starting the treatment as soon as the presence of disease is identified can be very helpful. The doctors these days prescribe comprehensive health check-up at least once a year, and it may vary from person to person. Lifeline Screening is one of the biggest names in the world of screening services providers and provides testing for many different diseases, health conditions, and body parts. It is one of the most trusted service providers in the United States and has carried out over eight million screenings so far since its inception in 1993.

If you are going for health screening at Lifeline Screening, make sure that you haven’t eaten anything four hours before screening. Also, the meal you have before four hours of testing should be light and healthy and must not be too gassy or oily. The clothes you wear the screening at Lifeline Screening must be mild and comfortable, and avoid wearing multi-layered clothing. Women must avoid wearing pantyhose and men must avoid wearing Hoodies and turtlenecks. If you are an athlete, make sure that you do not take any protein shake, health supplement or metabolism boosting medicine or supplement before the screening. If you are under medication for any health concerns, you can continue to have it. Also, make sure that you do not put on any oil or lotion on your body before the screening.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Prison Inmates on Lock Down

I am in charge of a group of corrections officers that work in the most dangerous prison in all of California. Our prison is packed to the roof with some of the most violent gang members who would not think twice about taking a life if they could. Many of these inmates who have gang affiliations are looking to take out their frustration on authority, and being a corrections officer puts me and my team right in harm’s way.


Although the prison is overcrowded, me and my fellow officers have to maintain order each minute we are behind the prison walls. To do so, we have a few routines we must work in order to slow down the violence between inmates and one another and my staff. Each day we do several surprise cell inspections, in the hopes of finding weapons or drugs that may be hidden right in plain sight. Next, we set up a team to search all guests to the prison so they are unable to willingly or unwillingly pass anything to those inmates that could be used to inflict harm on another.


In the past, my team had to dedicate time to man the phones to listen to the inmates and what they were asking of those on the outside. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we now have an inmate call monitoring system in place that does the work of many officers instantaneously. The sytem is designed to pick up verbiage about drugs or weapons, alert my team, and give us the advantage to stop the occurrence before it takes place.


Securus Technologies has a dedicated team of a thousand employees under CEO Richard Smith, all committed to making the world a safe place for us all to live. With thousands of systems in jails around our country, fellow officers are now able to take back control of those jails.


How to Prepare for a Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is an important step in order to address any health concerns before they have the chance to get worse. They provide various screenings, such as a lung cancer screening, in order to look for any abnormalities.

These types of tests are vital in order to stay healthy! To properly prepare for a Lifeline Screening, one must fast for at least four hours prior to the screening test(s). The meal that you eat prior to screening must be a half portion of a normal sized meal and it must consist of non gassy foods such as the vast majority of fruits and vegetables.

The best attire to wear for a Lifelong Screening is a loose fitting shirt and comfortable pants, such as sweats. You will want to be comfortable, so make sure that you follow through with wearing this suggested attire. During the Lifeline Screening, be prepared to experience a various amount of tests and screenings to make sure that your health is in check. First you will have to speak with the receptionist at the front desk, then you have to fill out some paper work to help determine what tests and screenings should be performed on you, then you get the screenings and tests performed and then you are done!

The benefits to getting a Lifeline Screening are infinite! The tests will provide you with vital information, such as if you have any diseases, and if you are at risk for any health problems. These tests are important in order to keep you healthy and happy so make sure to be completely honest when filling out the paper work and while talking to wonderful technicians! It is, of course, better to catch the problem before it has a chance to get worse so these tests are very important!

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More Big Additions for Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has long been known for its commitment to the local community and environment that is exampled by their recycling center, and now they have a brand new facility that will allow the college to reboot their environmental focus. The facility is five times the size of the original recycling center that sat on one single acre of what once was a U.S. Army air base. The new facility grounds cover over five acres and includes classrooms as well for students. The facility has served as an excellent work study program for the Orange Coast College students and is located on the northern edge of the campus, which rests about 40 miles south of Los Angeles.


Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, California, in Orange County and is the third-largest university in the county behind UCLA and USC. The school began as a two-year junior college in 1948 after World War II when the base came available to the school following military restructuring. The campus has expanded significantly since first opening and now has an enrollment of over 24,000 students. The university is also home to the Orange Coast College Pirates athletic program. Learn more:


The new recycling center is another example of the school’s dedication to growth, as they will also be opening a new observational planetarium scheduled for use beginning in the fall semester of 2018. The new state-of-the-art observatory will add over 100 new seats to the capacity of the old complex that was built in the late 1950s. The school is part of a three-school community college system along the coast. Primary curriculum is largely directed at local trade training and educating local students while offering a reasonable tuition program. Orange Coast College was also the recipient of a donation that included Rabbitt Island, just west of Vancover, British Columbia, that is also used for biological classes and on-hand experience for a variety of science students and educational programs. Learn more:


Traveling Vineyard: An Excellent Earning Opportunity For Stay At Home Parents

Nowadays stay at home mums and dads have numerous options for working from home. There are many options available ranging from email support, to writing, test scoring and translation. These stay at home jobs allow one to determine when and how one makes their money. A method of making money that people are not aware of is selling wine. There are some companies that provide people with the chance to sell wine from home and also gives the opportunity to carry out tastings in their free time. Traveling Vineyard is company that allows its Wine Guides to sell wine on own schedule. The company was founded in 2001 and it gives many people the chance to work from home and do an activity that many people enjoy.

Wine drinking is an increasingly popular activity in the US. The wine institute states that in 2015 the average American drunk 2.9 gallons of wine in a year. This is an increase from the average in 1995 which was 1.77 gallons per person. This means wine sellers won’t lack a market and the market itself is expanding yearly. Wine is a consumable product with many repeat buyers. With the right product lineup one can entice their customers to discover new wines and boost sales. The costs for beginners are low and Traveling Vineyard does pressurize its Wine Guides by imposing maximum or minimum sales quotas.

Getting started with Traveling Vineyard is easy. One first purchases a Success Kit that contains wine bottles and tasting glasses that are sufficient for two tasting events. One will also get materials and accessories that will help them get customers. Each bottle of wine is priced between $15 and $25 depending on the brand and age of the wine. Wine guides receive commissions and bonuses for every bottle that they sell. There are also reference opportunities for people who end up as Wine Guide via yourself. Traveling Vineyard also gives its Wine Guides a 20 percent discount for wines that they purchase for personal use. When one is starting out, they should print business cards and give them to potential customers. This will make it easy for interest customers to contact you. One should also leverage their social network to help them make sales.

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The Remarkable Charity Work of Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is an accomplished entrepreneur who owns National Steel Car. He also acts as the CEO and chairperson of the firm’s board of directors. National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, and it has specialized in manufacturing top notch railroad freight cars. Aziz is schooled at the University of Western Ontario and holds a degree in economics. His career began in 1971 when he was hired by Affiliate Foods. The company focused on wholesaling food products, and it was owned by his family. Gregory served the firm well and helped it to grow into a global importer that focused on offering a wholesale market for food in the U.S and Canada. Affiliate Foods acquired its product from South America, Europe, and Central America.


In the late 1980s, Aziz relocated to New York and was determined to find an opportunity in the investment banking world. He gained interest in National Steel Car and acquired it in 1994. Gregory was determined to grow the enterprise into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer. He aimed at serving the whole of North America. The company is currently served by competent engineers who have enabled to develop innovative products. It has a staff of more than 2400 professionals. By 2000, National Steel Car had increased its annual production from 3500 to 12000 cars. The company has been North America’s leading producer of railroad cars for 18 consecutive due to the outstanding engineering and innovation.

The entrepreneur is greatly appreciated for his aid to communities that live in Hamilton, Ontario. His company makes good profits, and this has motivated him to make significant donations. National Steel Car has sponsored the operation of foundations such as the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius. The company organizes a massive Christmas party annually for its staff members. It encourages employees to help in food drives that support local food banks.


Mrs. and Mrs. Aziz have been recognized for being among the major donors of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, which is Canada’s top agricultural fair. Hamilton residents appreciate him for the outstanding donations that he makes. During the past 23 years at the National Steel Car, Gregory has strived to offer top notch vehicles to the North America market. He has managed to become one of Ontario’s leading businessmen due to his vision, healthy business relationships, management skills, and service to the community.



David McDonald Incredible Leadership Role at OSI Group

Profiling of David McDonald’s education and Career

David McDonald is the chief executive officer and the president of the OSI Group company, which is a pacesetter of the food processing industry in Australia. He has served in that position for the last thirty years allowing the company to realize tremendous growth and expansion in the industry. David McDonald is also a part of the Board of Directors of the OSI Group Company. Further, he serves as the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He is also an independent executive of the Marfrig Global Foods S.A since 2008, December.

His ability to work in the food industry has been made possible by the fact that he pursued a food related degree course in the university. He is a graduate of Iowa State University where he excelled in a degree in Animal Science.

David McDonald’s Impact on Sustainability of OSI Group

Although OSI Group food processing company is global with offices and joints in Europe and the United States, it is also local in nature given that it should customize its services to serve local tastes and preferences. To attain this local taste, which is tied to the organization’s sustainability, David ensures that his team of staff has people from all over the world to keep the networks going. The management team in different regions consists of people who are locals since they will be sensitive and understanding of the local needs. In so doing, this multinational keep on growing and gaining more penetration to different global markets. Interestingly, OSI Foods remains the largest poultry producer in China.

Acquisition of Baho Food

The acquisition of Baho Foods in Europe which offers convenience foods in retail outlets is a significant strategic step according to OSI Group CEO, David McDonald. This strategic move will increase the presence of the OSI Group in Europe and provide a platform through which they can penetrate the market to increase the client base.
Notably, OSI Group plans to work hand in hand with the management team of the Baho Foods. The managing director of Baho Food was optimistic regarding this move.

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Improving the Literacy Levels of Port Elizabeth’s Young – Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund

Among the NGOs supporting Port Elizabeth’s young and vulnerable, Ubuntu Fund is one of the most prominent. The fund was established in 1999 by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula with the specific goal of improving literacy levels among children living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The Ubuntu Education Fund relies on donations from individuals, businesses and other organizations to run its activities.

The Tenth Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner – Success!

The tenth annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner was hosted on May with a target of collecting approximately $900,000. Amazingly, the gala dinner was a huge success as the fund collected over $972,000 and inspired many donors and beneficiaries.

The gala dinner of course features delicious South African cuisine and dances and performances from the Xhosa Choir. However, the highlights were the speeches given by two of the fund’s beneficiaries with Sinesipho Rabidyani stealing the show. She narrated how she couldn’t stand staying at home because of her abusive drunkard father and how she managed to create a bright future for herself and her mother after getting a scholarship from the fund. Today she is a student of law and she convinced her mother to leave her abusive husband.

Over 2,000 Beneficiaries

The Ubuntu Education Fund has helped thousands of children to-date. It is currently supporting over 2,000 children from all over the city. However, its benefits reach thousands more as it is not entirely focused on education.

When it was starting out, Ubuntu Education Fund mostly distributed school children with stationery materials such as books and pencils. However, this was not entirely effective as the kids were affected by instability and other issues in their homes. As such, the fund expanded its reach and began helping to make homes stable while also providing the affected children counseling and psychosocial therapy.

Andrew Rolfe – The Man Running the Show

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economy from the University of Oxford. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Harvard Business School.

Andrew Rolfe has served in many high-ranking capacities in several companies and organizations in the past: President of Gap, Inc.’s International Division; CEO of Pret A Manger; and CEO of Booker Foodservice.


Greg Secker: Creating a Platform for Forex Trading

Greg Secker’s reputation as one of the leading forex trading specialists is founded on a successful career as a corporate leader in the financial services industry, years of experience as a forex trader and entrepreneur and solid academic background. He is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge on forex trading with aspiring forex traders, which saw him found several companies to actualize his dream. He is also a philanthropist and a public speaker. He made mark in forex trading from a young age in a career that saw him become one of the youngest corporate leaders of a Fortune 500 company in the United States when he was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation.

In a bid to pursue his passion of forex trading, Greg Secker retired at an early age of 27. What followed was a successful career as forex trader and entrepreneur. He is a suave trader who began making profits within the first three months of venturing into the sector. He draws inspiration from his family members and the thousands of people he interacts with. Family is especially important in Greg Secker’s success. He was inspired to found Learn to Trade by the constant inquisitive conversations he had with his family members. This drove him to found a company dedicated to educating people on forex trading.

Success Beyond Academic Qualification

Greg Secker’s excellent track record as forex trader, entrepreneur and a corporate leader in the financial services industry masks the fact that he has never taken any course in forex trading or any other related field. His fascination with technology started while studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. What began as a part time where he sold computers he had assembled and programmed led to his first job at Thomas Cook.

As the company’s technologist, he developed the award-winning Virtual Trading Desk, which revolutionized online forex trading. It is while working on the project that he developed a strong interest in forex trading and he never looked back since then. After retiring from Mellon, he founded several companies in addition to Learn to Trade, which operate under the Knowledge to Action Group umbrella.