Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing has responded to the numerous action calls which call upon the company to work and develop ways in which receiving property title reports seamless. Because property claims have become one of the leading causes of concern in the recent past, there are many things we need to consider to have them working for our sake and the sake of business continuity among people in the industry. Therefore, Nationwide Title Clearing has worked, through the help of their stakeholders, to develop an updated website which allows people to access and order he property reports and titles through the online application form.


In the recent past, title defects have become one of the major causes of concern in the mortgage industry. For real estate properties to be sold, they must contain a valid property title which must use to generate a new title for someone interested in purchasing the property. If the title is a defect or has a claim by someone else, the property will are rendered invalid. It will also lead to other nightmares in this industry. For some, it has contributed to their feeling that they may have contributed to the foreclosures. Moreover, there are some who also feel that they are the major causes of concern because they are the ones who contribute to the stagnation of business transactions of what would be called a smooth transaction in business.


According to the company, he issues about property records must be solved before a property is intended to be sold to a different party because property title holds the key to ensuring a proper conveyance of business and transactions. As a matter of fact, these property titles make the business go on smoothly which is why we make it better for all seeking their services. Invalid property titles lead to issues concerning buybacks and wrongful foreclosures which may never turn back if they are rendered to someone.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing and research companies based in the United States. For the company, they work to provide better business in the financial and mortgage industries. They also work to make the process of securing a better business than before. For this reason, they went on an expedition to launch a new website which allows you to have exclusive access to the online reports through their online application forms. According to the company, there are many ways in which you can have a property title defective.

Brian Bonar Points Out Smart Moves For Novice Business Owners

“It’s a fact that a large number of new businesses today fail due to a lack of cash flow or mismanagement,” says finance expert, Brian Bonar. Hundreds of new businesses launch every year and very few remain. However, there’s a way to plan ahead to ensure you have a good chance of success. “Just a little careful planning can help owners avoid disaster.”

Brian Bonar is at the forefront of the fast-moving outsourcing industry trend. He’s spent the past two decades building several businesses, from the floor up, and is recognized for his innovation and leadership. He’s built a reputation for making strategic businesses decisions, and incubating new business models into revenue-generating engines. As a finance professional, and award-winning expert, Brian Bonar quickly recognizes what it takes to have a chance for survival.

It All Begins With Cash Flow

Enjoying profits at year end all depends on the proper balance between an inflow of cash inflow and outflow. Understanding your cash flow, or the movement of cash within the business, is critical to success. The cash flow statement points out when you can expect cash to flow into accounts and those times when cash is needed to pay the bills. It also allows the owner to identify where your cash is expected to come from.

“The availability or non-availability of cash when you need it gets to the bones of the matter,” says Brian Bonar. Many novice business owners can’t maintain the status quo because they completely focus on the profit instead of expenditures.

Owners must plan ahead for sources of cash to tide the business over until steady revenue is received. Start by preparing two worksheets, cash to be paid out and sources of cash. This pre-planning can also go a long way with organizing your tax filings. Think ahead about deductions.

Cash Outflow

  1. Startup Costs
  2. Inventory Purchases
  3. Fixed Expenses
  4. Variable Expenses
  5. Liabilities
  6. Assets

Of course, businesses have expenses that are specific to their industry, so owners will have to customize certain expenses.

Sources Of Cash

  1. Cash on hand
  2. Sales
  3. Miscellaneous Income
  4. Sale of Assets
  5. Equity

With these two worksheets, owners can estimate how much cash will be required for the coming year. A cash flow statement can become one of the most useful financial tools available, especially for novice business owners.

Brian Bonar points out, “owners don’t need to be accountants to run a successful businesses, but you should acquaint yourself with basic records.” We all have ideas to start a business, but to be successful you need to begin with basic tools to stay in the marketplace.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc And Their Efforts To Clear Title Defects

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) announced that it was taking action regarding the issues on title defects by using online ordering to make property reports readily accessible in June 2014. The issue of title defects was a major reason for concern in the real estate market. It has led to wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of smooth assets transitions in the secondary market. The Executives of NTC said that property records are important in making sure there are a clear title conveyance and the reduction of the risk of buyback and the incapacity to foreclose. NTC is a top document and research-processing provider in the financial and mortgage industry. NTC has worked towards ensuring that the process of securing reports for the property is simple. The company launched an updated website recently in its action to make property reports readily available online.


Title defects can occur due to some factors. They include:

  • Issues in regards to wordings in the documents that fail to comply with standards of the real estate for that particular area.
  • Not including the signature of a required party like a spouse.
  • Not following filing or recording procedures at the time of recording the documents of real estate.
  • Failure to remove previous liens or other encumbrances.


John Hillman is the CEO of NTC. He said that it is important to address title defects before any transactions to avoid the above reasons. NTC now avails the following property reports through online ordering:

  • Tax Status Report
  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Current Owner Report: O&E- Ownership& Encumbrance Report


John Hillman stated that the mission of NTC is to offer quick, simple, and step by step process of acquiring property reports. He added that they base their property report services on research done from actual land records and any residential property in the whole nation can access them.


NTC was founded in 1991. It is located in Palm Harbor. The company is privately owned by services investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. NTC has a reputation for providing research services and document processing of the highest quality with the highest level of accuracy. The company is committed to protecting homeowners, offering help to the mortgage banking market, and to preserving the land records of the country. NTC won the Inc. Hire Power Award for the second year in a row in 2013.

The Superior Quality of Wen’s Cleansing Conditioners Help Nourish Damaged Hair

A lot of women are unaware of what type of ingredients are used to make the majority of hair care products. Most of these women are also not aware that many of the issues they experience with their hair could be directly linked to the poor quality of products they use on their hair. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products all have the potential of leaving a build-up or residue on the hair and scalp. The result of having residue build up on hair is often hair that feels greasy and looks dull.

When hair care products leave a residue on the scalp it could cause itching, flaking and even thinning of the hair. Shampoos made with alcohol based ingredients could also strip away so much of the hair’s natural oil it could become dry, brittle and prone to breaking. Split ends are another side effect of using poor quality hair care products.

Superior Quality at an Affordable Price

The WEN line of cleansing conditioners offers women the ability to use products made with superior quality ingredients at affordable prices. Rather than exacerbating existing issues women might have with their hair, these products are specifically designed to combat them. Wen’s founder Chaz  Dean,, had extensive knowledge about the issues women faced with their hair. As a highly sought after hair stylist in the elite area of Beverly Hills, Mr. Dean knew that it took more than just basic ingredients to repair the damage caused by improper care and styling.

All of the products in the Wen line of cleansing conditioners contain ingredients derived from plants. These plant extracts help nourish and repair damaged hair by infusing the strands with essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins. These all-in-one cleansing conditioners cleanse the hair and scalp in a gentle manner that removes the dirt and build-up without stripping away any necessary oils. More hair care tips available on and Facebook product page.


Exemplary Life of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is an ambitious, talented and successful entrepreneur who has continuously worked to improve the Nabors industry and also improve the economy of the country. Tony Petrello is the current CEO, president and the chairman of the board of Nabors Industries which deals with offshore drilling including gas and oil drilling. His primary roles as the chief executive officer of the industry are to provide strategic planning directions on Equilar and initiatives that enable the company to prosper and adapt so as to cope with the existing competitive environment.

Tony Petrello studied at Yale University where he graduated with a bachelor in mathematics. He chose to study mathematics as it was always his wish and career path. After that, he went for his masters in mathematics in the same university where he graduated in 1976. Tony Petrello also holds a bachelor of law from Harvard Law School. This plays a significant role in his leadership as the CEO because he has the knowledge of all what is required by the company laws. Tony Petrello has been exercising the knowledge he gained from the University in coming up with innovative ideas that make the Nabors industry continue making significant profits. Before joining Nabors industry, Tony Petrello was working with Baker & McKenzie as a consultant where his primary focus was on corporate taxation, general corporate law, and international arbitration. He also worked as the managing partner of the company’s office in New York.

According to the information provided in the proxy statement filed in 2015 fiscal year, Tony Petrello the CEO, president, and chairman of the Board of Nabors industry limited made $27,512939 total compensation on The total cash payment is inclusive of the yearly pay and bonuses received. Nabors industry limited offers innovative technologies, performance tools, and drilling services all over the world and commonly deals with gas and oil. Nabors has new and advanced drilling machines operated by professional workers who continue raising the standards of the industry, as well as transforming Nabors industry to offer the best. Dudley Rodgers was initially the CEO of Nabors industry who later stepped down for Tony Petrello due to some management issues. Source:

Tony’s daughter Carena, who is eight years old, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) which is commonly caused by lack of blood flow to the brain and lack of oxygen to premature infants. Out of the disease, Carena developed impaired motor skills and other developmental delay issues which have made her parents look for a cure. Tony and his wife Cynthia has, therefore, being working hand in hand with Texas Children’s Hospital to ensure that Carena and other children get the chance to reach their full potential through proper treatment and care. They also consult the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute on The Daily Beast where possible so as to make sure that the disease is well monitored and the medication given to the children is right. Tony and his wife Cynthia believe that after all, their daughter and all the children suffering from the disease will be cured. This has made the couple be frequent donors and active fundraisers to the foundation.

An Online Reputation Management Consultant Will Remove Negative Remarks Said About You For a Low Price

Every individual and/or business is well aware of just how importance it is to maintain a positive reputation. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of individuals and/or businesses who are not necessarily placing much importance on this important necessity. As one’s reputation can have an effect on one’s succeed in the world of business, it is highly imperative and recommended for everyone to ensure that they take the steps that are necessary to keep their name “clean”, as some may say, or in a good “light”. No one in this world wants to have anything negative said about them. After all, what is someone without a good reputation? It can take a very long time to restore one’s image if they have made some mistakes. However, it is also important to note that not everything we may hear about someone is always true. For instance, many people have negative comments written about them on the Internet, and unfortunately, many of the times they are false accusations. This can have an extremely detrimental impact on the reputation of an individual or a business.

An online reputation management company can provide you with the services you need to clear your name on the Internet. As there are billions of Internet users worldwide, a simple search of your name can give each and every one of them any and every detail that is written about you in the online world. Why enable negative writers to place a negative remark in pertinence to your name? Today is the day for you to take the steps that are necessary to restore your image, which is often greatly determined by what others say about you. An online reputation management group that is proficient at what it does will be able to assist you in removing negative comments about you online so that you will not have to see such things in association with the name of yourself or your business any longer.



Handy Application Continues Growth

One of the biggest trends in the consumer world is the prevalence of being able to hire contract workers from a mobile application. Some of these applications, such as Uber, have millions of users on a daily basis and are continuing grow internationally. Another company that has seen impressive growth since it was first formed is Handy, another freelance mobile application. is an online mobile application that can be used by a consumer to hire help for cleaning or handyman repairs. They will be able to choose between a number of different local professionals, each of which will have a filled out profile that includes information regarding their work experience, asking wage, and availability. The application is great for a consumer that needs an affordable and reliable source of help, but is also great for the employee that is hired. Someone that is hired for cleaning will typically earn a fee in excess of $20 per hour and a handyman will often earn even more.

The Handy application was developed just a few years ago by its founders, but has quickly gained the attention of users and investors. The company has been in business for a short time, but is already averaging over $1 million per week in bookings. The company then earns a profit by taking a shred of the booking revenue, which will vary from ten to twenty percent based on the type of service that is provided.

The Handy application is currently up and running in around 30 markets across the United States. The company has a team of over 200,000 employees that work a varying amount through the application. Handy is currently evaluating other markets across the country to explore, which will require additional employee hiring and more marketing in new locales. For more info, check out


Customers who are served by Securus give their opinion on the use of technology in the prevention and resolution of crimes

Securus is the number one developer and supplier of technology solutions for the correctional facilities in the country. Among the products and services they offer is public safety, monitoring, correction and investigations. The company has been developing software that will help them manage their services better. They have been asking the clientele to give some form of feedback on the services and this is what the clients had to say.

The company chief executive officer, Rick Smith stated that the company was pleased by the overwhelming support they were getting from their customers. He reiterated that the two ideals that are part of their DNA are to protect and serve their customers. The following are some of the reactions that have been given by their clients.

The first of them says that the company helped him follow the conversations of a staff member who was involved in corrupt dealings. The said individual was introducing contraband to the company. The information they got all thanks to Securus, was given to the police who helped them get an arrest warrant and put the concerned person behind bars.

Another case involved inmates being caught using cellular service contrary to the rules. The technology helped uncover a case that involved alcohol use by inmates, a drug selling cartel, threats and money transfer deals within the facility. The people who were connected to the scandal were arrested and the case resolved.

Those are just a few of the customer mails back to Securus, thanking them for their exemplary work in making their world more secure. It is very heartwarming to see a company that is dedicated towards keeping people safe meet their goals and dreams. The CEO stated that they would keep doing everything possible to make sure that their clients got the best service from them.


Separating Fact from Fiction about the Taxation Rules in New Zealand

There has been a lot of misconception about foreign trusts in New Zealand. Many people paint a rosy picture of New Zealand being a tax haven. In reality, however, most of the information and insights out there happens to be both misleading and erroneous. As a matter of fact, New Zealand has never once featured in the list of tax-haven countries by the OECD. Learn more:

Operating in the Dark

Tax avoidance havens include nations in the Caribbean. Here, the residents operate with gross impunity when it comes to tax. People do not have to declare their taxes, and there is an absolute lack of transparency in the system. That makes the places an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of shady characters and organizations wishing to operate in the peripheries of the jurisdictions of their native countries. The bankers in these nations aren’t mandated by international law to reveal and divulge private information held on behalf of their clients. Banks in New Zealand, however, have an obligation to pass on any information required by both the local authorities and the international tax monitoring agencies as well.

In 2006, Michael Cullen oversaw the introduction of a new set of rules to enhance the transparency of foreign trusts deposited in New Zealand. According to the rules, all residents are required by the IRD to submit a Disclosure form (IR607) every time they intend to open and operate a foreign trust in the country. Besides, the account holders are expected to keep and maintain all the proper financial records for tax reporting purposes. The documents ought to be in English.

What records are New Zealanders supposed to file and keep?

• The trust deed
• Details of the settlement
• The recipient’s name and addresses
• Trust asset details
• Trust liability details
• The income and expenditure of the trustee
• Charts and codes of the trustees’ account

Huge fines and Penalties

Failure to observe the financial regulations set in place by the authorities is enough grounds to warrant prosecution. Hefty fines and penalties are inevitable for defaulters, according to the legislations enacted in 2011 by the World Standard Money Laundering Legislation.

Strict Financial Regulations in Play

New Zealand has enacted stringent rules and regulations in place to curb cross-border tax evasion mechanisms. The most notable measure being the 39 double tax agreement. This measures coupled with the multilateral agreements the nation has with well over 20 other tax transparent countries makes it next-to-impossible for criminals to operate and thrive in the country. The country ought to be thought of as being an excellent location to keep your assets legally not as a tax-haven.

About Geoffrey Cone

Mr. Cone is a partner at Cone Marshall. His firm specializes in trust fund investments and handling for their globally-based clientele. The tax and trust adviser is a guru when it comes to wealth planning especially for families in Latin America, Italy, and Spain. He’s married to Sarah Cone, and they live in Uruguay.

Learn more:

Securus Means Meaningful Connection for Inmates and Families

This video was an uplifting demonstration of the wonderful things that can happen with inmate video visits. Incarceration is a tough time, especially for the inmate’s children. The man in prison was able to not only visit with his child, but to participate in what the child was doing at the time. Video visits can usher in so much that a personal prison visit cannot. An inmate can be a part of special family events, see his child eat birthday cake, twirl around in her ballerina costume, show him the trophy from a sports event and the skinned knee they got sliding into home base. Such moments are precious and keep an inmate connected.


Securus Services makes this possible with a variety of amazing contact options. I can schedule video visits with my fiancé, and bring him right into my home. He can see everything around me, like people and pets and a dress I just bought that the prison would never let me wear to see him. I can see his expression and gestures as we talk, and it makes the time together so much richer. If I need to tell him something in a hurry but don’t have a visit scheduled, I can leave him a voicemail and he can get back to me. With regular video visits, I see him more often than with the personal visits that I am able to manage. Surprisingly, the video visits are much more relaxed, and that means a great deal to both of us.


Securus has a choice of services that allows anyone to both stay in contact with the inmate but also to control access. There are phone, video and email options. A home computer is not a must; a public access computer at a library can handle everything needed for video and email contact. Also, Securus has different payment plans that are easy to use. For the inmate, the ability to maintain maximum contact with those he loves not only makes the time easier for him, but lowers the probability that he will reoffend. Securus maintains a comprehensive and highly user-friendly website that shows all of the possibilities to assist inmates and their families. I loved the site; it was so easy to navigate and really explained everything. There is also 24 chat available to help you with any questions. The link is: