Securus Means Meaningful Connection for Inmates and Families

This video was an uplifting demonstration of the wonderful things that can happen with inmate video visits. Incarceration is a tough time, especially for the inmate’s children. The man in prison was able to not only visit with his child, but to participate in what the child was doing at the time. Video visits can usher in so much that a personal prison visit cannot. An inmate can be a part of special family events, see his child eat birthday cake, twirl around in her ballerina costume, show him the trophy from a sports event and the skinned knee they got sliding into home base. Such moments are precious and keep an inmate connected.


Securus Services makes this possible with a variety of amazing contact options. I can schedule video visits with my fiancé, and bring him right into my home. He can see everything around me, like people and pets and a dress I just bought that the prison would never let me wear to see him. I can see his expression and gestures as we talk, and it makes the time together so much richer. If I need to tell him something in a hurry but don’t have a visit scheduled, I can leave him a voicemail and he can get back to me. With regular video visits, I see him more often than with the personal visits that I am able to manage. Surprisingly, the video visits are much more relaxed, and that means a great deal to both of us.


Securus has a choice of services that allows anyone to both stay in contact with the inmate but also to control access. There are phone, video and email options. A home computer is not a must; a public access computer at a library can handle everything needed for video and email contact. Also, Securus has different payment plans that are easy to use. For the inmate, the ability to maintain maximum contact with those he loves not only makes the time easier for him, but lowers the probability that he will reoffend. Securus maintains a comprehensive and highly user-friendly website that shows all of the possibilities to assist inmates and their families. I loved the site; it was so easy to navigate and really explained everything. There is also 24 chat available to help you with any questions. The link is:



Rapid Growth Indicates Success on Every Level

Status Labs has been in the spotlight quite a bit thanks to the many achievements the company has made. By helping potential clients with crisis management, Status Labs caught more than a few people’s attention. When president Darius Fisher was brought in to speak at a major marketing event, even more people learned about the company.

One entity that has learned about the grand success of Status Labs is Inc. Magazine. Inc. Magazine is a fantastic publication that produces all manner of articles on subjects related to business and entrepreneurship. Inc. Magazine’s commentary and opinions carry a lot of weight in business circles. So, when Inc. chooses to honor a particular company, this is a proverbial big deal.

The big news here is Inc. Magazine has placed Status Labs on its “500 List of Fastest Growing Companies”. Merely “growing fast” is not the only reason Inc. would add Status Labs to the list. The company is one with great merit in terms of the service it offers. That said the growth rate of the company has been incredible.

Since the inception of the company Status Labs has grown over 1,000% in terms of the revenue the firm generates. Figures of that nature are not exactly common even when a company is doing exceptionally well. Status Labs has done stratospherically well in comparison to other businesses. And this includes various other businesses outside of the customer base Status Labs serves.

Status Labs has served 1,500 clients. The list of clients grows day after day. PRNewswire mentions that the company is sure to be the subject of many textbook studies on how to launch a successful business.

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May Announces Brexit Start Date According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

The Royal Mint didn’t wait to hear when the United Kingdom would start the exit process from the European Union. The opportunity to mint a gold coin that commemorates the date of the Brexit vote to leave the EU was too good to wait. The £5 Brexit gold coin and the £20 Brexit gold coin, as well as beautiful silver versions of the same denominations, are selling faster than seats for a Rolling Stones concert, according to the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl. The U.S Money Reserve deals in government and foreign coins. Phil Diehl is considered an expert in the coin business. Diehl was the director of the U.S. Mint when the 50-state coin program was introduced. Diehl was the person behind the scenes and he played a pivotal role in making the 50 state quarter program such a success for the U.S. mint. Diehl is now using his knowledge to help U.S. Money Reserve clients find the right coins for their collections and their retirement accounts.

The new Brexit coins are a huge success. The British have been buying all things gold ever since the June 23, 2016, vote. Prime Minister May’s announcement that March 2017 will be the start date for the exit from the EU has helped the U.S. Money Reserve sell more Brexit coins. The supply is limited, and Diehl thinks the price of these coins is going to skyrocket in 2017. The price of gold dropped slightly recently, but according to Diehl, gold is back stronger than ever after the announcement from Theresa May.

The U.S. Money Reserve has a limited supply of Brexit coins, and the interest has been off the charts, according to U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angie Koch. Koch was recently named a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post. Koch writes about current issues, and there’s no doubt one of her future blog posts will be about the Brexit coin rush.

Brexit coins are works of art, according to the collectors that bought them when they first went on sale. Each coin has the date of the Brexit vote on the face as well as a map of Europe and the UK. Gold coins have become retirement investments because of the demand for the precious metal. Silver coins are also collectible, according to Diehl, but the main interest is gold in 2016. Diehl thinks the gold rush will continue for the next two years. That’s why Diehl is pushing the Brexit coins now.

Lovaganza: A Global Experience

Lovaganza is a unique bohemian adventure beginning in May 2020. The first event of its kind, Lovaganza is designed to bring a diverse audience together and immerse them in a one-of-a-kind worldly experience. Centered around a schedule of Cinerama style films and eclectic entertainment, the festival will take place simultaneously in eight unique locations around the world. Both a for-profit and non-profit business, Lovaganza seeks to entertain while aiming for a greater good.

While Lovaganza was originally slated to begin in 2015, festival planners have pushed the event to 2020 to give themselves ample time to beef up the international experience. The event is planned to last from May to September, and it will be hosted live in over 50 different worldwide cities. There is no doubt, Lovaganza plans to be nothing short of extraordinary. The festival on will bring elements of bygone entertainment, but it will offer the highest quality modern entertainment, exhibits, and attractions. It is already backed an impressive line-up of talent, including world renowned artists and cinematographers.

If you can’t wait till 2020 for the big unveil, the Lovaganza traveling show will precede the main event with a 2017 launch. This preliminary show is intended to further promote the big show. The franchise on instagram also plans to release three motion pictures prior to the event. The beginning stages of filming for these have already begun. The films are said to feature state of the arc, glasses-free 3d film technology.

While the breakout festival is a few years away, it looks as though festival planners already have planned two related festivals to follow at 5 year intervals. Planners, it seems, are certainly banking on an impressive global impact. According to the official website of the festival, they are “planning a new global impact.” What is a more fitting way to bring together cultures than through art and entertainment.

This wild global endeavor is a promising sort of event that could promote both peace and unity amongst contrasting cultures. This is why Lovaganza has extended itself into a nonprofit foundation that promotes cultural prosperity. While we all experience the world through different lenses, there are certainly commonalities of the human experience. Through the use of top quality entertainment technologies, Lovaganza may bring about the idea of a shared human experience.

By visiting Lovaganza’s website those interested can view the latest festival trailer and keep up to date on event news.

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David Osio’s Plan to Increase his Contributions towards Charity Undertakings.

Davis Osio is a reputable business advisor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has been actively contributing toward charity activities that are dedicated to bettering the lives of various communities in different regions of the world. Mr. Osio has been sponsoring projects that are related to art, music, medical research, and community development. The business mogul has partnered with many non-profit institutions to conduct his philanthropic undertakings in the last 20 years. He is currently focusing on doing more charity activities and expanding the regions that they cover in the globe. The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) has been benefiting from the philanthropy of Mr. Osio for the time that he has been part of the Orchestra Board.

David has also been an active sponsor of children’s medical research organizations such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He has been facilitating the annual EPK events of the institution for many years. Mr. Osio thinks that the smallest contribution that an individual makes to support the children’s medical research is necessary to the activity. He motivates wealthy people among the community to be active donors of such important activities.

Mr. Osio is the head of the Davos Financial Group, which he also founded. The business of the firm has been successful under David’s administration, and it has managed to penetrate the domestic and global markets. The company has also opened offices in various commercial cities such as Lisbon, Geneva, Panama City, and New York. The entrepreneur has a mission of contributing towards humanitarian activities in the regions that his company operates.

The charity undertakings of Mr. Osio are also beneficial to other establishments, which include the Wayuu Taya Foundation, Fundana Foundation, and the Fundana Foundations. He has also helped the Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art through supporting an art exhibition that was hosted by Carlos Cruz Diez. David has been acknowledged for the way he gives back to the society, and he has received global awards and honors.

The financial advisor has other roles in his company, Davos Financial Group (DFG). He controls the domestic and international plan of the firm, and he has managed to build it into a global finance company that has offices in various financial cities. David Osio is a lawyer. He studied at the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is based in Caracas and graduated with an honor. He also attended the Caracas-based Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) and the New York Institute of Finance.

Follow his blog and his twitter – @david_j_osio


A person’s character is built during the most trying times. George Soros happened to be a victim of war and had successfully fled from the unstable state. People had connected the Blacks’ Lives Matter financing with Soros. It was such a great honor for him to be associated with such a position. The people saw the will and the determination in him in the betterment of other people’s lives and saw it only logical that he could be the one financing the movement. Only a concerned fellow could support that justice is served to other citizens though not of the same race and the person just happened to be Soros in people’s minds.

World War was accompanied with many tragedies, and because Soros had witnessed all, he saw it in his heart to help the black people from their tragedies, which were similar to those of war. It is, therefore, evident he was concerned with prosperity and improvement of lives for others. George Soros worked to eliminate monopoly and promoted peace through interaction between the blacks and the Westerners.

The world’s population was greatly growing and time would come when they had to be fed with more knowledge than what they had acquired. He, therefore, established a university and financed the hardworking students from poor backgrounds. It was meant to keep their dreams on educational prosperity alive for the sake of the future. University education would improve the thinking capacity of the students and would make brilliant decisions for the betterment of the nation.

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Guru Soros Portfolio – 2016 Stock Picks and Performances

George Soros Trading Again

He assisted in educating people not likely to learn in the particular university by writing books and essays. The books held very crucial and important details on politics, economics, open society foundations and philanthropy. The ideas covered in the books were very straightforward and were the issues currently affecting the nation and would directly or indirectly affect it later.

Transparency was promoted through his work because he expressed his ideally openly and forcefully condemned the uncouth behavior. His expertise in authoring made the top headlines in global magazines. He was therefore used as a role model and his writing as a source of guidance for the current leaders. George Soros success in the financial market gave him independence, and the same was adopted by those who keenly read his work.

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Wen (by Chaz) For A Week…

In a recent article by Bustle (, we get a glimpse of the daily results on a writer/beautician who uses WEN Hair by Chaz, for a week – long experiment in hair care. On behalf of women with fine hair everywhere, she takes the $32 a bottle plunge from Amazon and records her results for the betterment of womanhood.

For those who don’t know, Wen by Chaz is a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser that claims to be able to take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in treatment and anything else you might put in your hair before you style it. Without the added sulfates, the cleanser doesn’t lather like a typical shampoo so it seems necessary to use more than you may be used to. However, when you consider the amount of product that you wouldn’t have to buy, that $32 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal after all.

Immediately we hear that the Sephora endorsed cleanser has the effect of making hair feel thicker, with less hair fall while in the shower. Oh happy day! As a woman who loses hair constantly, this is good news. Great news in fact. Afterwards, her hair seems to have more body and shine than normal.

Establishing a routine with your cleansing schedule is key to great hair everyday. Using Wen hair by Chaz daily makes hair soft and manageable, with added shine and body. Enjoy your shower in the morning for best results and try not to skip a day, as it is meant to be your daily cleanser, and apparently they are serious about that.

Trying something new is scary, but this product seems worth the investment. Even if you hate it, it’s still probably less money than you spend on products that don’t really work very well already.

Read the Wen hair before & after results here: