Rocketship Education- Offering Hope for Communities

Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter school which is a non-profit making network with the mission of serving students from low-income homes who cannot access good schools. Rocketship was founded in 2007 by John Danner together with Preston Smith. Their approach was to engage parents, inspire communities, and empower teachers.

Rocketship became famous because of its unique approach to learning; mixing online learning and transitional teaching. Their online learning involves the use of adaptive software so as to increase the number of students who achieve in education. Currently, there are about 16 schools that are networking. These schools are located in Concord California, Nashville, Washington D.C, Milwaukee and San Jose.

Rocketship school is also known for its risky location which is across the street from Woodland Terrace; a dangerous neighborhood characterized by violence. According to Jacque Patterson, Rocketship’s director, the location of the school is intentional since it operates like a neighborhood school that offers priorities for people who live in the community.

To involve the neighborhood as a main participant of Rocketship, school officials have plans of visiting each student’s family and also come up with parents’ event. The school has a way of actively involving parents by letting them interview teachers before they are offered a job at the institution. The fate of teachers mainly depends on the parents’ recommendation. This is the school’s innovative approach to make parents get involved in the academic foundation.

The core values of Rocketship is another thing that makes them stand out. They believe in the community and try to be of positive impact to the neighborhood. Rocketship also believes in innovation by challenging themselves to take responsible risks. They believe in authenticity such that they deliver services that are transparent and serve the society passionately. They try to pursue excellency by continuous improvement of results.

The school supports the welfare of its staff. It offers generous family leave, good pay, vacation days and holidays, and allows the employees to have flexible work schedules. The teachers who have worked for the institution highly recommend it because of students’ discipline, awesome teacher-student relationship and the teachers get to enjoy yearly pay increase depending on their performance. Teachers, parents, and students all work together to fulfill the mission of Rocketship Education.


Fabletics Offers the Whole Package and Stays Competitive with Amazon

Amazon commands a large piece of the fashion e-commerce pie, but Fabletics is quickly catching up by providing the convenience, style and affordable pricing consumers desire. Fabletics understands that quality and price aren’t the only factors needed to draw in and retain customers. Fabletics stays competitive by utilizing a subscription based membership with individually selected recommended styles. Customer experience is important, and the brand pursues consumers by providing high level service, unique experience, and cutting edge clothing styles.


Fabletics utilizes a quiz for all new visitors to the site, which takes each online shopper’s location and preferences into account before displaying recommended styles. On top of that, customers can select from new releases every month. The athleisure trend is growing, but Fabletics stays relevant by offering desirable fashion at much more reasonable costs than big brands. Fabletics also avoids losing sales to showrooming, where customers sample clothes offline but then buy it cheaper elsewhere. By starting online and building their reputation, and getting to know individual consumer trends, they avoid the pitfalls of pop-up stores. They have several brick-and-mortar stores, but the clothing that customers try on in store goes into their online cart. Therefore it doesn’t matter where the customer shops. They also use local data to determine which clothes to display in their physical stores.


Fabletics understands new consumers, and it shows. It also helps to have Kate Hudson as their winsome brand representative. Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with JustFab in 2013 when she saw an opportunity to inspire people to fitness. She keeps the brand personable by starring in Fabletics commercials and even planning and filming one herself on her iPhone. You can also see her personal style picks online.


Hudson looks for new business and marketing opportunities all the time, which resulted in a plus size line and a men’s active wear brand. Even though these additions are more work, she recognizes the value of supporting all customers on their fitness journies. She keeps a close eye on the progress of different styles so that she can determine what to keep and what to take out of stock. This helps keep Fabletics relevant and meet customer demand.


From the moment a customer logs onto Fabletics website, the brand works hard to satisfy their demands. The athleisure trend is growing, and Fabletics expects to continue growing as well. If you would like to learn more about Fabletics and what style picks will be selected for you, check out the Fabletics Lifestyle quiz to see which gear is best for you!

Meet Clay Siegall, the genius behind antibody drug conjugates

One of the most innovative areas in cancer research, in the last few decades, has been the advent of targeted cancer therapies. This term broadly refers to a class of drugs that use various means of specifically targeting malignant tissues, rather than systemically releasing large amounts of cytotoxins into the patient’s system. These drugs have allowed for the treatment of various types of cancers, without the horrendous side effects of traditional chemotherapeutic regimes.

No single person stands larger in the world of targeted cancer therapy then Clay Siegall. After having founded Seattle Genetics, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of a class of targeted therapies known as antibody drug conjugates, Dr. Siegall has gone on to prove his acumen both in the field of business and as a bona fide giant of the medical research field. Through his development of antibody drug conjugates, a form of targeted cancer therapy that uses human-like antibodies as the means to deliver lethal cytotoxins directly to the surface of the malignancy, Dr. Siegall has been able to radically extend the life expectancies of those patients suffering from certain types of cancer.

One of the areas in which Dr. Siegall has demonstrated that the concept of antibody drug conjugates is a viable and effective means of treating cancer is for the disease non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Like many types of cancer, this disease has seen almost complete stagnation in research efforts since the 1970s. The survivability rates of the disease, while generally high for being a form of cancer, had not materially improved for more than 30 years. But after Dr. Siegall led Seattle Genetics to develop a novel form of antibody drug conjugate, which specifically targeted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma tumors, the life expectancy for those suffering from the disease has steadily risen.

What’s more, for those patients for whom being administered the drug ADCetris, Seattle Genetics’ antibody drug conjugate for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is indicated, the side effects of traditional chemotherapies are almost completely absent. This means that not only can patients receiving ADCetris expect to live nearly as long as those without the disease, but they do not have to endure the terrible effects of traditional chemotherapy.


Paul Mampilly Helps Small Investors Earn The Mega Bucks On Wall St.

Paul Mampilly emerged as an investing genius in late 2008. While most of the venture capitalist firms were getting obliterated by the lingering financial turmoil, Paul’s company not only stayed afloat, but it also made gains of 76%. For that outstanding feat, the Wall St. investor won the prestigious Templeton Foundation award in 2009.

Profiting in Down Markets

According to Paul Mampilly, many regular investors don’t know how to time the markets and that’s why they often make huge losses. His accurate recommendations made his followers at Capuchin Consulting Inc. tons of cash.

Paul Mampilly has a unique approach with his Profits Unlimited investment newsletter. In the past, the hedge fund manager was directly involved in managing the portfolio of his clients. Today, he only provides the recommendations and the clients do the real trading. Reports show many clients making gains of up to 38% from Paul’s advice.

Bold and Calculated Risks

Paul Mampilly often shares video presentations which showcase his unique trading techniques, for instance, his famed ‘Looking over his shoulder’ method. The videos serve to motivate and educate the small investor to take bold, but calculated risks. The investor claims most of his success comes from the first-hand experience he got working on Wall St. He’s also an avid reader with a library having thousands of financial books.

Future Trends

Mampilly believes that the future of investing lies on targeting the millennials. The economy will experience a massive boom as this generation comes of age. Another trend which fascinates Paul is the concept of Internet of Things. In the next couple of years, most of the technological devices and gadgets will function as one system. The IoT will bring great tidings for both entrepreneurs and tech developers.

About Paul Mampilly

After a remarkably successful career spanning over 20 years, Paul Mampilly finally decided to call it quits. Previously, he’d served at Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International Group. He quit his amazing job to enlighten regular American investors on how to invest on Wall St. like pros.

Today, his weekly investment newsletters have a cult-like following of over 60,000 people. The periodicals get published by the independent publisher, Banyan Hill. Paul lives and works in North Carolina. The American investor makes guest appearances on leading business TV channels like on Bloomberg TV and on CNBC.

Instant Results, Safe To Use, & Beneficial Effects: Makari Skincare

Most skincare lines on the market today are full of hype. They’ll sell you a dream, get your money, then provide no results. Unfortunately this is the world we live in and if you’re a person of color then the stakes are much more higher. People of color now have a brand that is top notch and delivers brilliantly glowing skin complexions. Age spots are disappearing, hyper pigmentation is smoothed out, and acne marks are erased thanks to the advanced formulas.

What brand is this? This all exclusive brand is known as Makari de Suisse and it’s creating huge waves in an over saturated industry. products brighten the skin much more naturally thanks to it’s fine organic ingredients of argan oil, caviar, and carrot oil. The product are full of antioxidants, omegas, and other natural ingredients that clears the complexion effortlessly. Unlike other brands who tend to use harsh chemical ingredients, Makari is powerful and gentle at the same time.

Whether you call it lightening, whitening, or brightening; this exclusive product line delivers on all promises. These formulas are shaking up the industry for the better which will give consumers better products that produce great results.


Davos REG Launches an Innovative Mobile App

In a recent press release, David Osio, accompanied by Davos REG Executive Directors, Gerard Gonzales, and Pablo Bausili presented Davos Cap Calculator, an innovative mobile app to their distinguished clientele. With the new mobile app, real estate investors will be able to estimate the return on their investment.


Davos Real Estate Group is an affiliate of Davos Financial Group, a global-scale financial services firm and the leading provider of comprehensive financial advisory services in the Latin American market. The company focuses on formulating investment strategies tailored to the needs and expectations of each client. Davos Real Estate Group combines premium products and experience of a professional team within the regulatory framework to meet specific customer’s needs.


For the last six month, Gerard Gonzales has been working together with the company’s technicians to develop Davos Cap Calculator, which will be used in estimating the gain on a real estate investment after deducting the expenses. The new mobile app is built on the latest technology platform. Currently, it is available on iPhone and Android-powered devices. According to Gonzales, Davos Cap Calculator marks the beginning of a series of complementary apps lined up in the future. With the new app, real estate investors can determine the value of their property through a mobile device and forward the historical property report to Davos’ agents on an interactive chat.


According to David Osio, the launch of Davos Cap Calculator is in line with the company’s objective to develop mobile applications to offer financial guidance to its customers across the United States. This app is an innovative tool that envisions real estate investors financially. Through the new mobile app, investors can estimate the rental price on the property that best suits their expected revenue. Davos Cap Calculator comes along with a Mortgage Calculator used in assessing the value of mortgage based on the funding period and the associated interest rates.


About David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished financial services advisor. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Davos Financial Group, which is a group of sovereign and licensed companies specializing in the delivery of financial advisory and wealth management services. Just recently, Davos Financial Group was named as Venezuela’s first provider of comprehensive financial services.


David Osio earned a degree with honors in Law from University of Catolica Andres Bello in 1998. Besides his career as a financial advisor, David Osio engages in philanthropic activities by supporting charitable organizations such as the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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George Soros Targets Donald Trump Following 2016 Election Shock

The news media has already poured over the events of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign after the polls and experts failed to predict a Donald Trump victory or the seizing of power in the Senate and House by the Republican Party. One of the most important members of the Democratic party in the 21st century has been George Soros, the hedge fund expert and political donor who has been seen as a touchstone for members of the party as they gauge the mood of the public. Close advisors to George Soros explained in the run up to the 2016 election that he had rarely been as involved or motivated politically as he seemed in the days leading up to the ballot, which eventually saw Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated by Republican candidate Trump.

Over the course of the 2016 election campaign George Soros has been reported to have donated over $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the relevant Super PAC’s backing her candidacy; the donations made in 2016 are still dwarfed by the more than $27 million Soros provided in funding in 2004 for John Kerry’s election bid as Soros foresaw the coming economic problems linked to the Republican administration on Biography. As a former refugee from Communist controlled Hungary, George Soros believed a left leaning government was the best option for the world as he has been concerned about the European refugee crisis and situation in Syria for the majority of the last two years.

Global events obviously drive George Soros, but he is also concerned with the growing problems of unfairness in the U.S. criminal justice system, which he has tried to assist with a $3.5 million investment in state level elections across 2015 and 2016. Studies from Wake Forest University have shown around 95 percent of prosecutor and district attorney elections in the U.S. pass by uncontested with more than three quarters of elections won by a white male across the nation. In a bid to provide more diversity George Soros and his “527” group have been providing radio and TV advertising for Democrat candidates from minority groups on Politico who have benefited from campaign funds that dwarf those of their conservative opponents.

After deciding against attending the Democratic National Convention to monitor the situation in Europe, George Soros moved quickly following the election victory of Donald Trump to begin working with Democrat’s to create a plan for the future of the party. At the Democracy Alliance event held in Washington D.C., George Soros began working with major Democratic figures in a bid to develop a plan for state level election success in 2017 and 2018. Soros also believes it is important to use every avenue available in a bid to halt the destructive policies of the incoming Trump Administration as he also looks to examine how wealthy donors like himself will work with the party in the future.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing has responded to the numerous action calls which call upon the company to work and develop ways in which receiving property title reports seamless. Because property claims have become one of the leading causes of concern in the recent past, there are many things we need to consider to have them working for our sake and the sake of business continuity among people in the industry. Therefore, Nationwide Title Clearing has worked, through the help of their stakeholders, to develop an updated website which allows people to access and order he property reports and titles through the online application form.


In the recent past, title defects have become one of the major causes of concern in the mortgage industry. For real estate properties to be sold, they must contain a valid property title which must use to generate a new title for someone interested in purchasing the property. If the title is a defect or has a claim by someone else, the property will are rendered invalid. It will also lead to other nightmares in this industry. For some, it has contributed to their feeling that they may have contributed to the foreclosures. Moreover, there are some who also feel that they are the major causes of concern because they are the ones who contribute to the stagnation of business transactions of what would be called a smooth transaction in business.


According to the company, he issues about property records must be solved before a property is intended to be sold to a different party because property title holds the key to ensuring a proper conveyance of business and transactions. As a matter of fact, these property titles make the business go on smoothly which is why we make it better for all seeking their services. Invalid property titles lead to issues concerning buybacks and wrongful foreclosures which may never turn back if they are rendered to someone.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing and research companies based in the United States. For the company, they work to provide better business in the financial and mortgage industries. They also work to make the process of securing a better business than before. For this reason, they went on an expedition to launch a new website which allows you to have exclusive access to the online reports through their online application forms. According to the company, there are many ways in which you can have a property title defective.

Brian Bonar Points Out Smart Moves For Novice Business Owners

“It’s a fact that a large number of new businesses today fail due to a lack of cash flow or mismanagement,” says finance expert, Brian Bonar. Hundreds of new businesses launch every year and very few remain. However, there’s a way to plan ahead to ensure you have a good chance of success. “Just a little careful planning can help owners avoid disaster.”

Brian Bonar is at the forefront of the fast-moving outsourcing industry trend. He’s spent the past two decades building several businesses, from the floor up, and is recognized for his innovation and leadership. He’s built a reputation for making strategic businesses decisions, and incubating new business models into revenue-generating engines. As a finance professional, and award-winning expert, Brian Bonar quickly recognizes what it takes to have a chance for survival.

It All Begins With Cash Flow

Enjoying profits at year end all depends on the proper balance between an inflow of cash inflow and outflow. Understanding your cash flow, or the movement of cash within the business, is critical to success. The cash flow statement points out when you can expect cash to flow into accounts and those times when cash is needed to pay the bills. It also allows the owner to identify where your cash is expected to come from.

“The availability or non-availability of cash when you need it gets to the bones of the matter,” says Brian Bonar. Many novice business owners can’t maintain the status quo because they completely focus on the profit instead of expenditures.

Owners must plan ahead for sources of cash to tide the business over until steady revenue is received. Start by preparing two worksheets, cash to be paid out and sources of cash. This pre-planning can also go a long way with organizing your tax filings. Think ahead about deductions.

Cash Outflow

  1. Startup Costs
  2. Inventory Purchases
  3. Fixed Expenses
  4. Variable Expenses
  5. Liabilities
  6. Assets

Of course, businesses have expenses that are specific to their industry, so owners will have to customize certain expenses.

Sources Of Cash

  1. Cash on hand
  2. Sales
  3. Miscellaneous Income
  4. Sale of Assets
  5. Equity

With these two worksheets, owners can estimate how much cash will be required for the coming year. A cash flow statement can become one of the most useful financial tools available, especially for novice business owners.

Brian Bonar points out, “owners don’t need to be accountants to run a successful businesses, but you should acquaint yourself with basic records.” We all have ideas to start a business, but to be successful you need to begin with basic tools to stay in the marketplace.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc And Their Efforts To Clear Title Defects

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) announced that it was taking action regarding the issues on title defects by using online ordering to make property reports readily accessible in June 2014. The issue of title defects was a major reason for concern in the real estate market. It has led to wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of smooth assets transitions in the secondary market. The Executives of NTC said that property records are important in making sure there are a clear title conveyance and the reduction of the risk of buyback and the incapacity to foreclose. NTC is a top document and research-processing provider in the financial and mortgage industry. NTC has worked towards ensuring that the process of securing reports for the property is simple. The company launched an updated website recently in its action to make property reports readily available online.


Title defects can occur due to some factors. They include:

  • Issues in regards to wordings in the documents that fail to comply with standards of the real estate for that particular area.
  • Not including the signature of a required party like a spouse.
  • Not following filing or recording procedures at the time of recording the documents of real estate.
  • Failure to remove previous liens or other encumbrances.


John Hillman is the CEO of NTC. He said that it is important to address title defects before any transactions to avoid the above reasons. NTC now avails the following property reports through online ordering:

  • Tax Status Report
  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Current Owner Report: O&E- Ownership& Encumbrance Report


John Hillman stated that the mission of NTC is to offer quick, simple, and step by step process of acquiring property reports. He added that they base their property report services on research done from actual land records and any residential property in the whole nation can access them.


NTC was founded in 1991. It is located in Palm Harbor. The company is privately owned by services investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. NTC has a reputation for providing research services and document processing of the highest quality with the highest level of accuracy. The company is committed to protecting homeowners, offering help to the mortgage banking market, and to preserving the land records of the country. NTC won the Inc. Hire Power Award for the second year in a row in 2013.