A person’s character is built during the most trying times. George Soros happened to be a victim of war and had successfully fled from the unstable state. People had connected the Blacks’ Lives Matter financing with Soros. It was such a great honor for him to be associated with such a position. The people saw the will and the determination in him in the betterment of other people’s lives and saw it only logical that he could be the one financing the movement. Only a concerned fellow could support that justice is served to other citizens though not of the same race and the person just happened to be Soros in people’s minds.

World War was accompanied with many tragedies, and because Soros had witnessed all, he saw it in his heart to help the black people from their tragedies, which were similar to those of war. It is, therefore, evident he was concerned with prosperity and improvement of lives for others. George Soros worked to eliminate monopoly and promoted peace through interaction between the blacks and the Westerners.

The world’s population was greatly growing and time would come when they had to be fed with more knowledge than what they had acquired. He, therefore, established a university and financed the hardworking students from poor backgrounds. It was meant to keep their dreams on educational prosperity alive for the sake of the future. University education would improve the thinking capacity of the students and would make brilliant decisions for the betterment of the nation.

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He assisted in educating people not likely to learn in the particular university by writing books and essays. The books held very crucial and important details on politics, economics, open society foundations and philanthropy. The ideas covered in the books were very straightforward and were the issues currently affecting the nation and would directly or indirectly affect it later.

Transparency was promoted through his work because he expressed his ideally openly and forcefully condemned the uncouth behavior. His expertise in authoring made the top headlines in global magazines. He was therefore used as a role model and his writing as a source of guidance for the current leaders. George Soros success in the financial market gave him independence, and the same was adopted by those who keenly read his work.

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Wen (by Chaz) For A Week…

In a recent article by Bustle (, we get a glimpse of the daily results on a writer/beautician who uses WEN Hair by Chaz, for a week – long experiment in hair care. On behalf of women with fine hair everywhere, she takes the $32 a bottle plunge from Amazon and records her results for the betterment of womanhood.

For those who don’t know, Wen by Chaz is a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser that claims to be able to take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in treatment and anything else you might put in your hair before you style it. Without the added sulfates, the cleanser doesn’t lather like a typical shampoo so it seems necessary to use more than you may be used to. However, when you consider the amount of product that you wouldn’t have to buy, that $32 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal after all.

Immediately we hear that the Sephora endorsed cleanser has the effect of making hair feel thicker, with less hair fall while in the shower. Oh happy day! As a woman who loses hair constantly, this is good news. Great news in fact. Afterwards, her hair seems to have more body and shine than normal.

Establishing a routine with your cleansing schedule is key to great hair everyday. Using Wen hair by Chaz daily makes hair soft and manageable, with added shine and body. Enjoy your shower in the morning for best results and try not to skip a day, as it is meant to be your daily cleanser, and apparently they are serious about that.

Trying something new is scary, but this product seems worth the investment. Even if you hate it, it’s still probably less money than you spend on products that don’t really work very well already.

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